Earn $500 to $2,500 WEEKLY With My Home Based Marketing Program!

Here’s your chance to earn some extra money working at home by becoming an active participant of my successful marketing program. Let’s face it, all of us are in need of a greater cash flow. Would you like to earn $500 Weekly (part-time) up to $2,500 Weekly (full-time) while catching up on all of your bills? Does the idea of mailing out my marketing contracts for our services business appeal to you? This income is generated 100% from the comfort of your own home. Would you like to double or triple your current income in a matter of weeks? If you’re answering yes to these questions, then I have the right opportunity for you. All you have to do is give me a few minutes of your time. Once you have gone through this website, you will understand how your money worries can be over for good! Get Comfortable, relax, and read my website because it will show you how easy it is to make real money just by marketing from home.

Mailing My Marketing Contracts From Home!

You will be paid $5 for every contract you process and mail. If you send 100 contracts, you will receive $500. If you send 200 contracts, you will be paid $1,000, and so on. As a marketer, your work will consist of inserting contracts in envelopes, securing and sending them out as often as you can for an immediate payment, as per the simple instructions. You will not be required to purchase anything or go through the hassle of picking materials up at offices. All the materials will be fully supplied and mailed directly to your home on a weekly basis. I will show you exactly what to do with these materials and how to do it according to the simple and easy instructions. Again, you can choose your own hours, work part time, full time, quit, and even start again. You are not obligated to me. We want this to be a good experience for you and your family.

Work From Home! Make Your Own Hours!

Part time or full time, at your own pace and convenience. Just a few hours of your time could earn you a substantial amount of money. One of the greatest benefits in this program is that it gives you flexible hours and allows you to work right from your own home anywhere in the world, in your pajamas, even while watching TV! No more getting up early in the morning and no more driving to get to work on a rainy day! Everything you’ll need to start will be mailed directly to your home, which saves you the hassle of picking them up at offices.

Why Does This Opportunity Exist?

Recently I was retained to assist several educational, financial and other services businesses expand their place in the market, by opening up new channels for them to receive quality leads. These leads are very valuable because of the high fees charged by these companies, that it allows them to reward myself (and you) greatly with high, per person fees. I’m currently seeking individuals from all over the United States and Canada to support these efforts. I do not wish to hire regular employees to handle the task of mailing contracts as it places a great strain on the various company’s budgets. Not only do employees require a salary, but also in addition, the company has to consider benefits, insurance, vacation, office space and a host of other added expenses that are far too costly. Therefore, I am eager to establish rapport with professional and Independent Workers. Many companies want to expand their business without hiring more people who demand all types of benefits and insurance. Some of these corporations make from $250,000 to $1,000,000+ per year. If they hire “in house” marketers, they too request such benefits, insurance, vacation, office space, and raise taxes for the company. The bottom line difference between working for someone in an office and at home is cost. Companies can reduce cost on: office space, office equipment and machines, and not having to hire full time employees when they won’t need them year round. This can make it less expensive for companies to farm-out certain tasks or jobs. This is why companies can afford to pay so much more to people working from home. It benefits both ways.

As An Independent Homebased Marketer:

You will never have to speak or follow up with customers!

You will never have to speak over the phone!

You will never have to set hours, work at your own pace and times!

You will never send bulk emails or make any door to door sales!

You will never be asked to sell anything to your friends or relatives.

You will never have to buy any supplies or postage.

How My System works?

When you follow the program, you will receive $5 for each contract you secure and process according to the simple instructions and you will receive payment before you mail them. Therefore, your payments are guaranteed! You will not have to spend any time addressing envelopes or pay any postage costs to mail out the contracts - ALL envelopes will arrive with postage already in place. You will be an Independent Worker from home, not an employee, so nothing is deducted or withheld from your income. You can take on whatever amount of business that fits your schedule and you can quit whenever you want. There are no obligations! There is even BONUS Income potential up to $1,000 for each lead you mail to, that goes on to buy a service from me or the companies I represent. Imagine an extra $1,000 on top of the $5 you were already paid, and for doing NOTHING extra. 

You will be supplied with our professionally written contracts and complete instructions that are simple and easy to follow. When following these instructions, you will never have to purchase any postage stamps or envelopes ever for as long as you stay in the program!

You will be working directly with me!

Another important point.. You will not be given a list of companies that might need home marketers. You will be working directly with me… These contracts will be going out to people who have asked for them. The contracts contain no objectionable or pornographic material. We ask for you to beware of other companies that offer similar work. Look no further, this is truly a genuine opportunity!

I will mail your Bonus Income Checks Weekly, every Friday. Your base income of $5.00 per contract is paid at the time you're required to mail the contracts, which makes that pay weekly since we ship supplies to you every week.

This Opportunity Is Limited!

Once I receive enough home based marketers in your area, this program will be closed. Contained in this website is the type of opportunity that can surely change your life for the better, but you must have the incentive to follow through. Many participants are achieving financial success so why not take advantage of what this opportunity has to offer? You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain! Fully Guaranteed!

How to get started Now!

I do require a one-time fully refundable application fee of $50.00 for access to my available work, which includes everything outlined herein and allows you to get started making money from home immediately. That’s it! There are no higher fees for various 'levels' or future expenses of any kind! You’ll never have to pay any more fees. This is to show me that you’re sincere about working from home. I cannot send out costly materials simply to everyone who asks plus you’ll gain access to sensitive, private corporate information from the companies we market for, so we protect everyone from those who are just curious. This small refundable fee will cover all my expenses in showing you what to do. This fee will also assure me that you are serious about wanting to earn money at home. Once you register in the program you’ll be shipped the materials to get started.

Upon receipt of your completed application, I will provide you with my direct contact information as we begin working together, should you have any questions.

I thank you for your interest in my program and look forward to working with you personally.



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